Amaranthine Rift

2.1 - Scouting the Flame

While stationed in Eston, Commander Kasten sends your unit into enemy territory for a short scouting assignment, despite your notorious lack of stealth. The Commander knows you can get the job done, no questions asked.

You crossed the river in a small ferry. A few hours later, you came across a small patrol of Thranish scouts with guard dogs escorting a House Orien Courier. The dogs were taken down quickly, the courier was knocked out in seconds, allowing Bellamy to force the two scouts to surrender. The courier carried a semi-coded map of patrols and other movements along the Thrane-Cyre border. There appeared to be another courier coming through this general area in the next day or so. The Orien Courier was left alive, but gagged and taken back to the ferry.

You made it back to the path with enough time to set up an ambush in a cutout on a hill.
Foolishly, the Thranes walked right into it.
Kat dropped a boulder onto an archer’s head, Storm charged and seriously injured another archer in surprise. Alreon leapt across the cutout and kicked the last archer’s jaw out. That left the three Dwarven bodyguards and the gnomish mage. Kat leapt down into the cutout, chopping one of the dwarve’s arms off, then decapitated him in one swift blow. Storm stepped up to the plate, turned his fullblade sidways and batted that little gnome bastard a good fifteen feet away.

The gnome carried a message sealed with the House Orien seal. You couldn’t understand all of the message, but you could figure out that there seemed to be a large amount of troops moving from Thrane and another area in Southern Khorvaire towards Eston. The attack is coming in a few days and it looks like it includes something called the Crimson Blade.

XP and treasure:
500 XP each
25 sp each
Gauntlets of Blood – Storm
Brooch of Shielding – Kat



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