Amaranthine Rift

3.2- Kobold Cave

Birdoswald exited the Lightning rail at Aruldusk and immediately began looking for his contact to take him to Lessyk. A swarthy looking fellow approached him, with a bit more swagger than what he expected from a farmer, calling himself Bellamy.
“You be Birdoswald?” he said witha hint of a sneer.
Birdoswald nodded, not sure what to make of the man.
“Well, me and me crew been hired to take you to Lessyk.” he lied.
Birdoswald nodded again, still not trusting the man, thinking he was only to meet a single farmer.
The two of them left Aruldusk together and headed to the clearing just outside town where Bellamy and his crew had left their gear stashed earlier.

Sanguilar disappeared into the crowd, off to do what he does best. Kane started towards his friend Andrul’s home. Andrul’s home was a bit off to him- the door was open and he felt a disturbance in the energy within. To his surprise, Andrul’s home was ransacked inside, and there were three strangers, an old acquaintance and one person he instantly recognized but had never met.
“Well well Santor, did you come to find more than you expected?” he said to the gnome.
“You know why I’m here. Your goal should be the same Kane.” replied the gnome, still tied up.
Storm grunted his disapproval, bid his fondest of farewells, leaped to the second floor balcony and stole out the open window, his fullblade already resonating dark magic.
“Who are you?” asked a bewildered Amarill.
“A friend of Andrul’s. Don’t worry, I’m not with him or Nataeus.” He said as his right hand suddenly glowed, a blade forming in his previously empty hand.
“Give my regards to Vhagar.” he said, as the sword pierced the gnome’s throat.
Relic and Kat searched the home some more, finding a coded note tucked away in amongst some scrolls. Amarill was in some shock, but soon deciphered Andrul’s note. It mentioned a tower in the forest near a town called Lessyk, a few days ride southwest of Aruldusk.

The remaining crew headed back out, towards their camp. Kane follows, talking to quietly to Amarill about how he knows who Amarill is and how Kane knows Andrul so well. Kane also takes a queer fascination with Kat. He tells her that he can feel a great power within her and wants to introduce Kat to his Lady to see if his instinct is correct.

Together, the cell of the Amaranthine Rift begin their long walk to Lessyk. A few days into the trek, they meet up with a heavily armored Dragonborn named Arjhan. Arjhan hails not from Q’Barra, but from Argonessen itself. He tells them that a true Dragon has sent him to Khorvaire, to search out the Prophecy and fulfill his destiny within. Here, he has heard stories of tribe of kobolds that may worship the Dragon Below. During the trip, Relic prepares new potions and concoctions. Storm and Bellamy are his first tasters and fall violently ill within minutes. Relic whips up antidotes, but it takes some time.
While Bellamy and Storm are puking up their guts, a villager approaches the Rifters.
“Help, please. My sons have been kidnapped and my eldest boy’s fiancee was taken too!” he cries. “Those damn kobolds have taken them to their lair.”
Bellamy, too sick to ask questions or give orders, dismisses the man with a wave of a hand. Birdoswald offers to find them and do what he can to save them. Amarill joins in, as do Arjhan
and Kat.
The four adventurers and the villager head off to the cave, leaving Relic to tend to Storm and Bellamy in a small clearing off the beaten path. The villager leaves the crew at the mouth of the cave, and the four of them plunge into darkness, but not for long. Amarill Lights the Dragonborn’s armor, making him into a small sun. Once inside, kobolds ambush them, ducking and diving through their little tunnels and forcing the crew to chase them through the bloodrock and slime covered cave. After decimating a small skirmishing party and exploring the cave network, they open up into a cavern. Inside, they see two boys huddling together, as rats scurry about their feet and a skull tied to a rope swings through the darkness near them, thoroughly terrifying them. The Rat master attacks with his swarms of rats. Birdoswald once again prays to the Eight Gods of the Sovereign Host for protection, keeping his newfound allies from significant harm.
Once the kobolds and the majority of the rats are dead, the crew leads the boys to safety. The older boy calls himself Duane, his brother is Gregor. Duane’s fiancee, Katarin is still inside. Outside the cave, Katarin’s father has arrived, shouting furiously at Duane’s father. Bellamy and Storm are there, looking a little sick to their stomachs, but otherwise healthy.
“It’s all well and good your boys are safe, but what about my daughter?” Baram yells. “We didn’t come all the way from Lessyk just for you to let some flithy scaly buggers to take her!” Baram is a large man, with wild beard and hairy forearms, thick as logs.
“You, brother, you can’t let them kill her.” he says to Storm.
After making sure the boys are okay, Birdoswald turns on his heel and head back into the darkness.
Kane holds Kat back, asking to see her sword. He holds it lengthwise and the blade glows white. It keeps some of that glow, like it had been left in the sun all day, when he hands it back to Kat.
“You’ll need this. I sense a great force of darkness inside.”

More to come…

XP- 650 (enough to get to Level 4)
Gear: Sunblade – Rob
Astral Fire Chain – Jared – Lvl 7
Belt of Flanker’s Bane – Nick – lvl 6
Undead Ward Ritual
Last Sight Vision Ritual
2 Potions of Healing
240 GP total (40 each)



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