Amaranthine Rift


I hear the Rail a-comin...

It had only been a few days, but already Birdoswald felt anxious about his trip to Lessyk. Not all of the Thranish villagers worship the Silver Flame, and these villagers requested his presence for blessings and some protection. Birdoswald is a penitent Cleric of the Sovereign Host and normally travels by his own bare feet, walking across these warring kingdoms of Khorvaire, performing the rites and blessings that the Host allow. They could not pay much, but Birdoswald accepted their offerings and their ticket on the Lightning Rail to see the rumors of the lycanthrope attack for himself.

A few hours into the trip, the train comes to a rather abrupt halt. The House Orien rail guards burst into the common cart and single out two uncommon-looking men. The first, a handsome man in a long overcoat with a greatword at his back and a stylized longsword at his side. The second, a slender long-haired and serene elf. The guards beg for their assistance and the two step forward to assist. Birdoswald, with his duty to help and protect those in need, joins them.

Outside, small, bony reptiles make their way toward the Rail from both sides. The first man, Sanguilar Roseinvaire, kicks his left foot back, flipping his greatsword forward and catching it in his right hand. Gripping the hilt with both hands, he yells out: Kruthik! and charges. Kane, the elf materializes a slender white blade from a wand and teleports to the outside. Birdoswald never attacks the enemy, instead protecting his new allies and assisting their attacks.
The Kruthik surround the three, with their gnashing teeth and spiky claws, attacking ferociously and giving no ground. That is until the end, when only one of the adults burrowed deep and fled.

Back inside the Rail cart, the Orien Guard Captain, a man named Gavorn, thanks these three for their assistance, owing them some gold at their next stop. The Rail cart does not start moving again, although the Guards and conductors continually remind the passengers that the Rail line is not damaged, and neither were the Rail carts. Eventually, Captain Gavorn summons these three to the semi-private carts. It seems that during the Kruthik attack, something was stolen from the secured cargo cart for the wealthier passengers. Gavorn and his men have interviewed 3 suspects but they refused to say much. He hopes that a man of the cloth can get farther with them than he can.

Gavorn tells them a few things to help and after a few moments, the three adventurers discern that Casaubon, the Half-Elf from Aundair, was the thief. Gavorn enters Casaubon’s room, a scream is heard and Gavorn stumbles out, clutching the dagger in his chest. The remaining guards eyes glaze over and Casaubon emerges, turning towards the closest door and runs. The guards try sto slow down the three adventurers, and fail miserably. Causabon’s left arm lashes out, a purplish black tentacle grabbing at Kane, crushing him like a python snake. Again, Birdoswald protects his new allies, encouraging them from a distance and weakening Casaubon’s defenses. When Casaubon fell in battle, the remaining guard’s eyes returned to normal, albeit with a splitting headache.
A Halfling worshiper of the Silver Flame blesses Birdoswald’s octogram and it renews itself, from the dirty old and worn octogram to a shiny new holy symbol.

XP- none. Birdoswald will be at the same level as the rest of the team when/if they join forces.
Gear- +1 Octogram of the Sovereign Host
Gold- none yet, 150 gp promised upon arrival in Aruldusk. (50 each)



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