Erryk Kasten d'Deneith

Leader of the Amaranthine Rift


Human Marshal


Erryk Kasten d’Deneith runs the Amaranthine Rift. It’s a bit of a family affair, as his younger brother Roland commands the First cell and his nephew Stevin is the goblin liaison for the Rift. Erryk’s daughter Kat is also a member of the Rift, as a part of the Eighth Cell, one of the newer crews made up of those that don’t fit anywhere else yet.

Erryk was born and raised in Cyre and is very loyal to his homeland, despite being a marked member of House Deneith. Erryk only takes contracts for the Queen, which puts him at odds with his House. Erryk does use goblins to flesh out his troops, but he keeps them mostly separate. His most trusted Hobgoblin lieutenant is Marrakech, a tough old soldier with great discipline.

Erryk Kasten d'Deneith

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