Stevin D'Deneith

Member of the Amaranthine Rift, cousin to Kat


Human Barbarian


Stevin and his father were born in Karrnath, like most of House Deneith. His father Erryn and his uncle Erryk formed the Amaranthine Rift together fifteen years ago, when Stevin was just a boy.
His father trained him to lead, giving him control of a mixed cell of Humans and Goblins. Two years ago, Erryn died during an attack by the Brelish in Southern Cyre. Stevin was in the north with Erryk and Kat, guarding a Cyran noble and demonstrating how the Goblins can work with the Blademarks guild and the Rift.
Because he wasn’t there to help his father, Stevin blames Erryk and Kat for his father’s death.
Last year, Stevin and Kat got into a huge fight, broken up by Erryk, but after he scarred Kat’s face for good.

Stevin D'Deneith

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