Beliefs, Instincts and Goals

Beliefs are codes or ethical stances you follow. What’s your higher purpose? What drives you?
A guardmouse never gives up, no matter the danger.
The best solution is at the point of my sword.
It’s not what you fight, it’s what you fight for.
A guardmouse needs to be able to think with her head and act with her heart.

When you’re lost in play, look at your Belief try to act accordingly.
Writing a good Belief can be very tough to do.

Instincts are gut reactions or ingrained training. It’s something you do naturally, without thinking. It’s usually a form of an If/Then statement, or an Always statement or Never statement.
I always draw my sword at the first sign of trouble.
Act first, ask questions later.
Never trust any Weaselkind.
If there’s work to be done, always offer help.
Never delay when on a mission. (requires snap decisions by the character)

Goals are what you aim to do on each mission. No one should have the same goal, and it’s generally something personal. too simple goals and you might not get a Reward later, even if you fulfilled your goal.
I will protect other player(s) on this patrol.
I will show my guard leader that I am a valuable member of the guard.
I will show my mentor that I am a good at X skill.
I will discover why communication was lost with the last patrol.

Goals are created after you get your orders for a Mission. Players can’t/shouldn’t have the same Goal.

At the end of the session, if you’ve acted in character, you get rewarded with Fate points and Persona points to use on the next mission or save until the Winter season (to level up, similar to Fellowship phase)


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