We were handling Nature and conflicts somewhat incorrectly.


There are 4 aspects to a Mouse’s Nature: Escaping, Climbing, Hiding, Foraging.
Acting within your Nature is one of those 4 types of actions, and you use your Nature rating to roll to take actions in accordance with your Nature.

A Mouse can use his Nature to as a reserve to overcome difficult obstacles.
If you are doing something that is not in your Nature (fighting, researching, arguing, etc) AND you don’t have the proper skill, you may use your Nature rating as the skill rating.
If you use Nature for an untrained skill (and aren’t trying to learn the new skill/aka Beginner’s Luck) then you may end up Taxing your Nature.
If you use your Nature to roll Against your Nature and fail, your current Nature rating is reduced by the margin of failure. You then use your taxed Nature score as your Nature.

Example: Lieam the guardmouse isn’t trained in Apiarist skill, but needs to make a check against a small hiv of bees. Since this isn’t in his Nature as a mouse and he doesn’t have the skill trained, he may use his Nature to roll. He has a Nature of 5, and he needs 3 successes for the test. He only rolls 2 successes. His Nature is taxed. Maximum Nature remains 5, but current Nature is only 4.

Example 2: Bilge isn’t trained in Fighter, but needs to make a Fighter check in a conflict. He uses his Nature rating of 6 to roll. Fighting is not in his Mouse Nature. Bilge needs 3 successes but the dice gods do not favor him and he rolls no successes. Bilge’s maximum Nature is still 6, but his current Nature is taxed, to 3.

Example 3: Kurt is caught alone and needs to escape from an Owl. There isn’t a skill for escape, so he Rolls his Nature for the test. Even if he fails, his Nature isn’t taxed, because he’s acting within his mouse Nature.

Recovering Nature

You recover Nature in 3 ways.
1 everyone Nature is returned to maximum during the Winter session.
2 You deliver a prologue (recap the previous session)
3 if you miss a session, you recap one point of Nature

Something tells me that’s inviting people to miss sessions and fight over who gives the prologue. If we continue with this, we may need a different method.

Depleting Nature

If your nature is Taxed, you can choose to reduce the current maximum to regain one point of Nature. In Example 2 above, Bilge with a 3/6 could choose to reduce his Nature to 5 and regain 1 point, so he’d be a 4/5 Nature instead.

Tapping Nature

You can also Tap Nature to have a heroic action.
You spend a Persona Point to add your Nature Rating to your skill rating, or even double tap Nature, if the actions is within your Nature. (escaping Mice are hard to catch!)

If the test is within your Mouse Nature, and you are successful, there is no Nature taxing.
If the test is against your Mouse Nature and you are successful, Nature is taxed by one.
If you tap Nature and fail, your Nature drops by the margin of failure.


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