Basic Character creation.

Age/Rank determines your base points.

Tenderpaw 14-17 Will: 2 Health: 6
Guardmouse 18-25 Will: 3 Health: 5
Patrol Guard 21-30 Will: 4 Health: 4
Patrol Leader 21-50 Will: 5 Health: 4
Guard Captain 41-60 Will: 5 Health: 3

Nature- Start with 3, may change after answering some questions.

Where were you Born?

Barkstone- a busy working-class town
Copperwood- one of the oldest cities, home to one of the 2 mines
Elmoss- prosperous city, known for its medicine
Ivydale- renowned for bakers and bread
Lockhaven- home of the Mouse Guard
Port sumac- busy port town between Darkwater and Shaleleaf
Shaleburrow- simple town known for its drinks, wines and beer
Sprucetuck- scientists, medicine and scent concoctions

Everyone picks 1 skill (Tenderpaws and Guard Captains get 2 skill checks here),
you get an additional Skill point based on your parents’ trade,
another point for who you apprenticed with in the Guard,
Another point (or two) for what your mentor stressed in training
one Specialty skill (no two players with same specialty),
then add your experience to skill checks: tenderpaws get 3 additional checks, Guardmouse 6, patrol guard 8, Guard captain 9, and Captain 12.
THere’s more to it, I’ll explain as we choose skills

These are specific areas of knowledge that your character knows, based on experience. Examples are: Boat-Wise, Knife-Wise, Bow-Wise, Badger-Wise, etc. You can create your own -Wise, but it needs to be fairly specific.

Resources, Circles, and Traits we’ll go over more at creation. It’s pretty simple, really.


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