The Amaranthine Rift

You are members of The Amaranthine Rift, an irregular unit of elite soldier/mercenaries in service to the Cyran Army.

The Amaranthine Rift was founded twenty years ago, by brothers Erryk Kasten d’Deneith and Erryn Taschen d’Deneith. Erryk was born in Cyre and has pledged his life to service of his home country, despite House Deneith’s neutrality in the war, serving each of the Kingdoms according to their ability to pay. Erryn was born in Karrnath, like most members of House Deneith. The Rift was formed shortly after Erryn’s son Stevin came into this world.

The Amaranthine Rift, with their colors of purple, gold and white, have traveled throughout Khorvaire; as bodyguards for Cyran nobles, scouts for the Cyran Army, and strike forces to break through enemy lines. Like most House Deneith mercenary units, the Rift recruits and forms units of Goblin Troops from Southern Cyre. The Rift uses the Wayfinder’s badges to keep in regular contact. So long as the badges in within a few miles, regular, open communication can be had. The range of the badges isn’t completely known, but they have had delayed communication from Krona Peak in the Mror Holds to Sharn, in Southwest Breland. Delay at that distance was several hours.

Four years ago, Erryn led a contingent of Rhukaan Taash goblin troops into Karrnath to investigate the Emerald Claw. Erryk and the rest of the Rift were in the South near Kraken Bay recruiting additional Goblin troops from the Kech Volaar tribe. Erryn’s position was overrun and all were slaughtered. Stevin, also training with the Rhukaan Taash, blames Erryn’s death on his uncle Erryk for not being there when his father needed help the most.

Erryk spends much of his time recruiting and training, letting the various cells manage their own affairs out in the field. Erryk prefers to recruit new members himself, but often they come to him through word of reputation. Sometimes, the Rift takes on new recruits for other reasons.

In this cell, the commanding officer is a half-elf from the Lhazaar Prinicipalities named Black Bellamy. Bellamy joined just recently, a few months ago. Erryk did not recruit him, but accepted him in return for a favor. Bellamy has proven himself over and over, thus earning the commander’s spot.
Erryk’s only child, his daughter Kat, manifested her Dragonmark just after her uncle Erryn died in Karrnath. Beleiving this as a sign, Erryn declared that Kat should one day lead the Rift instead of her older and unmarked cousin Stevin. Until then, Kat Kasten d’Deneith must learn to fight and lead without her father’s protection.
While out scouting in Thrane, Bellamy and his first crew observed a Shifter from the Reaches fight off an entire company of Thranish soldiers, slaying seven of them before dueling their commander to a draw. This Avenger of the Silver Flame retreated. Bellamy reported back the Shifter’s great martial prowess and Storm Furyhands joined the Rift.
At the Strike at Metrol, Bellamy’s cell added a Wizard named Amarill. Amarill appears t obe an elf, but displays none of the famed martial skill of the Valenar. The cell assumes he is from Aerenal, with their strange ways and customs. He carries a thick, old spellbook, marked with a crest unknown in Khorvaire.

The Amaranthine Rift

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