There are many Traits, and 1-3 levels of each Trait.
You use your Trait to Help or Hinder yourself in a test. Only 1 Trait per test, and it should be relevant to the actions you’re taking in the test.
Help yourself with Traits
Level 1- gives you + 1D on the test. Used once per session unless recharged.
Level 2- + 1 D to all tests where the Trait applies
Level 3- let’s you reroll all Dice that come up as failures on a test appropriate to the Trait. You add new successes to the total successes. Fate points spent must be used after the reroll. Used once per session unless recharged.

Hindering yourself with Traits
This is how you earn Checks.
Invoke your Trait to impede your own progress, hurt your character or by breaking a tie in the GM’s favor. You can only hinder yourself once per test, just like help yourself with one trait per test.
Your fellow players get to decide if the Trait helps or Hinders
Impede- Earns 1 check. (Impose – 1D to your Dice pool)
Hurt- Earns 2 checks (give opponent 2D to their next check)
Break Tie- Earns 2 checks

Checks are spent in the following ways:
1 check lets you buy another test in the Player’s turn.
2 checks let you Recover quickly, before making additional tests in the Player’s Turn.
3 checks lets you charge a Trait to the next higher level- used during the GM’s Turn.
2 checks lets you recharge a Level 1 trait, 4 checks lets you recharge a Level 3 Trait and let you use it again this session.

The Traits

Alert Bigpaw Bitter Bodyguard
Bold Brave Calm Clever
Compassionate Cunning Curious Deep Ear
Defender Determined Driven EArly Riser
Extrovert Fat Fearful Fearless
Fiery Generous Graceful Guard’s Honor
Hard Worker Independent Introvert Innocent
Inquisitive Jaded Leader Longtail
Lost Natural Bearings Nimble Nocturnal
Oldfur Open Minded Quick Witted Quiet
Rational Scarred Sharp Eyed Sharptooth
Short Skeptical Skinny Steady Paws
Stoic Stubborn Suspicious Tall
Thoughtful Tough Weather Sense Wise
Wolf’s Snout Young

Yeah, that’s a LOT of potential Traits.
Players get 1 from their hometown, and can choose 1 more or boost their hometown’s trait.


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