Welcome to Eberron.

Over 900 years have passed since Ghalifar I united the people of Khorvaire. It’s been 70 years since King Ghalifar IV passed. It has been 70 years that his children have fought their succession war. Two generations of near constant war have raged through the mainland of Khorvaire. When will the madness end? The children of Ghalifar, the kingdoms of Aundair, Breland, Cyre, Karrnath and Thrane have fought for the better part of a century over who should reign in Khorvaire, the most civilized of all lands in Eberron. Only one shall prevail.

You are a member of the Amaranthine Rift, an irregular company of House Deneith Mercenaries working for the Queen of Cyre.
Are you ready to serve your Queen and Country?

Amaranthine Rift

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