Magic Weapons and items

Eberron is a mid-magic setting. There’s low-level magic available all over. Shops in major cities like Sharn, Fairhaven and Metrol will regularly have uncommon magic items available for sale, but not exactly everything that a player wants/needs.

Change in rules/cost of Alchemical items. They’ll only cost about 25% of what’s listed. Since Eberron is home of the Artificer, I’d like to see Alchemical items used a LOT more. I think it will change the pace of encounters and hopefully make them more fun.
Rituals and Martial Practices cost surges, not money or reagents. Let’s use them more often.

As we’ve seen through play, your weapons and armor are already magic. We’re just not sure what that magic is. Weapons will unlock powers and properties depending on certain triggers like; rolling a critical hit, rolling maximum damage, getting hit with a specific damage type, etc. This is how the wish list comes into play, so I’ll know what to give you and when. If no list, I’ll pick something that I think works for your character.

Magic items can stack properties and powers, but only two enhancements at a time. For example, a Longsword can be Flaming and Vicious, or Scalebane and Poison. Paired Weapon doesn’t count towards this enhancement limit, but the “paired” weapons must share 1 enhancement. Paired Scalebane Longswords split to have Frost and Lightning, or something like that.

Characters start with +1 magic weapon or implement, +1 magic armor, and a lvl 3 neck slot.
As new players come in or reoll up new characters, we’ll address the change in magic items, to keep it with some equality throughout the group.

Money won’t be a big issue- you won’t have to worry about cost of hotel rooms or basic items. Major travel will still need to be tracked. Ammunition will not need to be tracked, nor food and supplies except when spending extended time away from civilization.

Magic Weapons and items

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